Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

MAPS PSO Call for Speakers

Have new approaches, best practices or groundbreaking insights to share? We invite you to submit a speaking proposal for MAPS virtual events and other educational programs during the 2021 year.

Utilize MAPS PSO to Share Your Knowledge!

MAPS PSO Speaker Proposal Form

Area of expertise
Explain publications, teaching experience, clinical experience, credentials ie.
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Thank you for submitting your speaking proposal. Please note that the form description is limited to 500 characters.  We are requesting that you upload a file to provide additional details. Feel free to send us an email directly with any additional information to Crystal Lathen at clathen@team-iha.org. Our MAPS PSO team will contact you with any questions.  We appreciate your commitment to patient safety.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Carrie Pinasco at 630-276-5845 or Crystal Lathen at 630-276-5544.

We are looking for speakers of patient safety who: 

Show a passion and commitment to patient safety

Identify opportunities to improve patient safety

Encourage best practices and safe patient care

Exemplify and promote a culture of safety

Share knowledge on data and best practices of clinical topics

Potential subjects include the following:

Patient safety improvement

Medication safety

Infection control

Reduction of adverse events

Improving readmission rates

Patient satisfaction

Innovative approaches to addressing regulations and PSO law