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Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) PSO

The Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) PSO is a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) aligned with the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA). Since 2010, its mission has been to promote the adoption of best practices by Midwest health care organizations to improve the delivery of safe and quality care to all patients.  As a non-profit organization, MAPS strives to position itself as the leading provider-sponsored PSO.  Based in Naperville, Illinois, MAPS provides the opportunity to exceed standards of quality of care by providing expert clinical staff and strong programs and services focused on PSO education, strong patient-focused operations and performance improvement.

MAPS helps its members promote and foster a culture of safety and create a secure environment where patient safety adverse event information can be collected, aggregated, and analyzed to identify and reduce the risks and hazards associated with patient care.  The MAPS team supports its members with the information and requirements to develop operational plans for Patient Safety Evaluation System policies, Patient Safety Work Product, and train staff for entering data, reports, and documentation.

The MAPS PSO formed a relationship with NextPlane Solutions to deliver an adverse event data collection tool and resources for data analysis. The combined staff provides PSO expertise to provide training and support for event submission and reporting.

As part of the PSO community, MAPS has teamed up with a wide variety of patient safety partners on the national stage including other state organizations: the Michigan Hospital Association PSO, the Center for Patient Safety, North Carolina Quality Center and the California Hospital PSO.  The MAPS program is also focused on strong relationships with national PSO policy stakeholders like the Agency for Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Alliance for Quality Improvement (AQIPS.)

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For information on joining the MAPS PSO, contact Carrie Pinasco, Program Director, Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety.

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