Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

2017 ACA Requirement

Participating in the insurance marketplace with 50 beds or more? ACT Now!

If you are a qualified healthcare provider and don’t know about PSO’s, now is the time to learn. Joining MAPS is a quick and easy way to meet the CMS requirements to participate in the health insurance marketplace.

Our members enjoy participating in an evidence-based program that leads to patient safety and quality improvements.  Since 2010, we’ve been championing healthcare providers to embrace a culture of safety and support transparency in adverse event reporting. As a wholly owned component of the Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA), we are committed to not-for profit ideals putting our members first.

MAPS PSO Moving the Patient Safety Dial Forward


The MAPS Advantage

• Full privileges and confidentiality
• A streamlined and user-friendly data collection tool
• Simplified uploading of adverse event data
• Feedback on Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP)
• PSO alerts and shared lessons learned

Midwestern focus, Education and Service

  • 2-3 Safe Table events per year
  • Annual MAPS PSO Culture of Safety Workshop 
  • Ambulatory Action Committee
  • MAPS PSO Coordinator calls - 4 times per year
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Monthly E- Newsletter
  • Quarterly case review write ups-Event Discoveries
  • Annual Top 10 Patient Safety Focus White Paper & Webinar

Promoting a culture of safety in a protected environment!

Should you wish to finalize a MAPS PSO agreement, our team will be your partner and support your customized PSO program. Not all PSO’s are the same.  Make sure that you have the right fit for your organization’s needs. Call us today to have a web conference and benefits discussion at 1-630-276-5657 or MAPSHELP@team-iha.org.